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Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Rest of August

So now we come to wrapping up August on this the first of September. On Sunday the 21rst Scott and I and his sister, Adele decided to go for a walk down near the boat ramp. It was such a lovely morning and while they walked and talked I got to commune with Nature along the way. Sorry this post is a bit photo heavy .

Five Lined Skink

Nature's Dream catcher

 It was such a beautiful day!

During the week I made a few "cat" themed cards and I really love how they turned out.

One of the strays that is trying to "own" us - I call him Angel.
 This is the little cottage where we have temporary digs... Adele has paid some men to come in and do some repairs and paint. These are sort of the "before" pictures.

 The photo below was taken after they had painted the block foundation and porch steps. Currently there is work being done to enclose the eaves. Once that is completed the Painters will return to finish painting the little house.

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  1. Angel looks like an intelligent little fellow. Been following your progress on youtube with both houses. A ton of work, but things are looking good. :)


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