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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I Know I Know

What about the daily blogging? I am trying but we have had a lot going on and it is so hard to find time to sit down to write a post each day. Today is going to be a rainy day so I figured this would be my best opportunity to get a post written.

Piper makes it abundantly clear that she does NOT like us leaving her alone with Greg. Each time we go down there we find the pillows and nap afgan shifted about. Last weekend some of the pillows were even on the floor.
 The little cottage continues to have improvements made. The crew that Adele hired finished with the eaves and painting. She is still waiting for the seemless gutters to be installed and I am not sure what else they had to do.

 They installed shutters one day and I love how they look... how about you all? I think they really add to  the charm of the place.

I have made a few more cards. The top three I created my own scratch paper with crayons and acrylic paint. And the bottom three were created by cutting up a background that I didn't like and applying pieces to a black background to create the stained glass affect. The little 3x3 inch cards make wonderful tuck ins on gifts.
 And here was a nice surprise. Scott's Mom bought him a truck. It was a wonderful deal and she wanted to do something for him/us. We will definitely put it to use with all we are doing on the house. It is a 2005 RAM 1500 with the towing package and less than 14,000 original miles.

Well that about catches you all up for now and I have dishes waiting for me in the sink. Have a wonderful day!


  1. I've been having a hard time making myself sit and write a post, too. I've got a load of them half-baked in my mind, but....

    Cool spider web photo! They are such works of art. Speaking of art, I always loved those colorful scratch offs, but haven't done one in years. Do tell how you made your own, if you have a moment.

    What a nice boon on the truck! May it serve you and Scott very, very well.

    1. It is just so hard to sit down and write these days. I have a video on You Tube On how to do the scratch off... I will put it in my next Blog Post.

  2. Love the shutters.
    I especially like the idea of taking some art you didn't care for and cutting it up to make a mosaic pattern like you did!
    Nice truck! Piper will be glad when you guys are in one place and she can be with you all the time. :)

    1. Piper will only be with us until Greg decides on where he will be living. He keeps talking about moving to Maryland.


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