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Thursday, September 22, 2016

As September Creeps Away

AH FALL!!! It is slowly creeping into view. It is still quite warm but we are starting to feel Mountain Breezes and seeing leaves falling from the trees and I am SO HAPPY.

Fall always gives me such a sense  of calm and I find myself reminiscing a lot.  Memories or my Grandma "putting the garden to bed". Tee Pees of  pole beans being drag to the pole barn to dry. Corn stalks being tied together for Fall displays and Apple Cider being pressed.

The smell of  molasses cookies and the beginning of "soup season" with the first batch of Vegetable Beef going on the stove as I walked through the door at the end of a school day. Grandma and I sipping tea and eating one of  the soft molasses cookies that everyone in the family remembers her baking all the time. My Grandma worked from just before sun up until lunch. After lunch she watched "Her Stories" - As The World Turns and The Young and The Restless.  After they were over she would take a nap until I returned from school.  AH MEMORIES!

Last week I did a bit of clean up in the yard here at the Cottage. You can always tell you've worked hard by the stains on your socks and the dirt on your legs at the end of the day. I decided to set some of the chairs that are normally on the porch in the area I cleared in the woods so we could sit out there sometimes.

One of our favorite Pizza places in Greenville, SC. 
I so enjoyed the "Harvest Moon" and went out and did my best to get a few pictures of it. It was just so beautiful but we had some cloud cover so it was hit or miss with waiting between clouds to get a good shot.

 Scott and I enjoyed standing in the front yard in our pajamas watching the moon dance among the clouds.

Today I created these cute little beaded snowmen charms. Super easy to make and will make some wonderful additions to some Holiday projects.
 I also got 4 out of the 10 shutters painted and am planning to finish painting the remaining 6 tomorrow while Scott is at work. These are the shutters that go on our house in Cayce.
 I will also need to get some laundry done and the house cleaned and some packages ready to get mailed and pay bills... and and and... well you get the picture. Fridays are just crazy days! See you next week!


  1. Your socks do show the work! Have a wonderful weekend ♥

  2. Love the memories of your grandmother and the socks picture. Hpe you got your painting done. :)


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