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Thursday, August 25, 2016


OK... lets do a condensed version of June. THe car and home owners Insurance came due... ugh about $4000. UGH! I will have to remember this for next year so I can have the total saved up.

We went to Bocca Pure Italian for Scott's Birthday.
June 3rd my Sweetheart (aka Scott) turned 57 and then on  the 4th of June we drove to Atlanta to get Scott's Uncles' old truck from Scott's sisters' as she needed it out of her driveway and we really needed something we could get things from Home Depot in as our old Ford now belongs to Greg (son). Plus Scott's car started acting strangely and on and off throughout June it was in the shop but no one could figure out what was wrong with it. More to come on  that in July.

On June 6th I had a Mammogram and thankfully it was all clear. No signs of cancer at all.

On June 7th this little turtle came for a visit...
This little fellow comes for a visit nearly every time it rains.
He is so friendly and loves to hear me talk to him.
We've been treating the dogs for fleas and heartworms so they don't get them again. Heartworms are horrendous to get rid of and SO EXPENSIVE. SO far both dogs are clear and healthy.... just getting old.

I created a few things during  the month of June....
A tiny tote from a placemat.

We pulled the old mailbox out of  the gully and I hand painted a flower garden with a few bunnies and a fox hanging out amongst the flowers.

On June 18th we decided we HAD TO HAVE some Iannucci's so we made the hour long drive up there for dinner. They have THE BEST Sour Dough Sesame rolls EVER!!!!
Are you sensing a theme for June as far as Eateries goes? 
On the last weekend in June I started getting  the lawn into shape. The front bushes are all now neat and trimmed. I still need to mulch around all of them to make it look nice and clean before we list the house and there is still a lot of painting to do as well as a new roof to be put on by someone other than us.
This was the "before" shot
And this was me "after"
I guess this about catches you all up on June. July will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

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