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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Well it was not long ago that you all were reading about the replacement of our hot water heater. Well now the furnace has decided to crap out! Yep... we are getting our furnace replaced... $8300. OUCH! AND the unit we want is not something they have on hand so we won't have it installed until February 3rd. Very thankful for the space heaters that we have on hand.I'm also glad that we are having a bit warmer weather. At night we just pile on the blankets as listening to the space heater cycle through keeps me awake. I worry about a fire too. Slept wonderfully last night.

When things decide to start falling apart no single thing can go on it's own. Scott's car is also in the shop; it needs a new water pump and some hoses. UGH!

Let's see whats on my camera to share since my last post.

 We took a walk by the river and I made homemade English Muffins... from scratch!

DELICIOUS with some scrambled eggs!
Checked on the Beaver pond... looks like we may have some new ones as the water is coming up again in the pond and there seems to be a new damn under construction.

I've been coloring some Digital stamps that I will be turning into Valentine cards. These are My Bestie's by Sherry Baldy. She has an Etsy shop where she sells her images for $3 to $4 each.

And we have been enjoying watching the birds out our front windows.
Yesterday we mailed the workings to a Grand Father Clock off for repair. And we've worked, ate and slept. I hope everyone has been well!

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  1. Hi Becky, oh gosh what a case of it never rains but it pours for you! sorry to hear you are facing some large bills, lets hope you have no more! The English muffins look delish, it's been a few months since I made some so I may just have to put some on my to do list :) love the photos!

    Take care, Ruth


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