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Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Last weekend Scott did something wonderful for me. The table that I had rescued from the curb several years ago to set my sewing machine on was really too big for the job but I got to thinking "half" of the table would be perfect! SO>>> Here's where the Awesome Husband comes in; he made the table half it's size. I helped him remove all the hardware and he did the rest.
He had to cut the section between the legs on one side so that I would be able to slide my chair under the table. He covered the area's where he ground off the old welds with silver spray paint and I can barely tell where it was removed. And he made some wooden inserts for the legs as they were quite sharp and we were afraid they would damage the floor. I still put the rubber disks under each leg to protect the floor even more and I LOVE IT!
Of course UPPER Management HAD TO check in on the whole progress - just to be sure it was done to his standards.
 And it looks like he approves whole heartedly!


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