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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Our Second Walk by the River in this New Year

Scott and I ate breakfast yesterday, checked the radar map and decided we had time to fit a walk in before the weather turned ugly. We decided to start at the lower end of the walkway and boy was there some changes we had not expected. The City had come in and did some "trimming" and oh boy was the entrance completely different.SO much more open and LESS inviting. We liked how the path used to just disappear into the woods... oh well! Change happens and it is a new year.

We thoroughly enjoyed the walk together and it was a lot less crowded than our first walk of the year at the opposite end of the walk a few days back. We spotted the injured Canadian Goose again and got some pictures of him/her. I wish there was a way we could help this poor creature. It can't fly and can barely swim with that injured wing and there is no way it can keep up with it's flock either.

Of course we also spotted some amazing fungi and we have started calling these two "chips" and "Pancakes"...

Fungi is just so fun to discover!
We also spotted the goose's companions swimming down stream from where he was...

The river was way up so the damn was almost not visible and the water was moving so fast. And with the trimming the City and the Seasonal change has done we could see way up the creek that feeds into the river.
All in all it was just a wonderful time spent together!

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