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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Saturday cards

I was given a challenge on Facebook to make a card following a sketch that was put up. This was the sketch...

I decided to just use the scraps laying on my work table as it is nearly cleaned off and this would help me reach that goal AND make some cards. So on the first one I tried to follow the sketch exactly and here is what I came up with.
I really felt like this was too mono toned so made another and mixed things up a bit more and really like how the second one turned out.
So much more colorful and fun. But I didn't stop there; I made one more before I went to bed last night. This one I changed even a little more and LOVE how it turned out.
I need to create a binder that will hold the sketch and the photos of these cards; sort of a projects completed in 2015 album.

I made another card on Friday but I can't share it until after the recipient receives it as it is part of a swap. But I really can't wait to share that one here as well. It turned out quite lovely. 

I'm working this morning for a few hours. I was really hoping the Sundays would stop once the Holidays were over but NOPE... at least not yet. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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