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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tuesday... feels like Wednesday

I really hate working Sundays as it makes the rest of the week feel so out of whack. Today feels like Wednesday but it is NOT truck day... but sure feels like it should be. Bright note is we are way ahead on resets at the store and I am actually running out of work... bad news will be that hours will most likely be cut later in this week. Ah well... more time for crafting and using things up I all ready have since there won't be any money to go crazy shopping with if my hours are cut.

This past weekend I made 4 cards for Valentines day. I like how they turned out and want to make some more this week .I've been on Pintrist looking for Valentine card layouts and ideas to expand my selection. That site is SO addictive!

I also need to get a Birthday card mailed to my sister, Robin as her birthday is the 9th. Lots of crafting needs to happen this week.
Fun layered technique - I love creating cards like this.

I added some light pink paper to the inside to give me a place to write a note.

SUPER simple card - left plain inside since the card base is light pink. I may stamp a small heart inside these.


  1. It's only Tuesday:( I thought it was Wednesday too:) Nice work Becky. Hug B

  2. I love those cards that you made, Becky!


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