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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sweet Swap Package in Saturday's Mail

A nice selection of papers, bottle caps and wood pieces.
An on-line friend (Heather) and I swapped for some handmade flowers. She sent WAY more than I was expecting because we had said we would fill a "small" flat rate box and she sent a medium. So I will have to make up a surprise RAK for her now to be even. Here are the crafting goodies that I received.

more paper, more wood, a handmade note pad holder and flowers.
A little dresser made out of match boxes.

A bunch of tiny crafty bits from out of the dresser drawers.

Heathers Handmade paper flowers, a flower made out of plastic spoons and some embellishments she made out of hot glue are to the right.

A couple vintage bottles and she made the gift boxes out of paper! And some wonderful vintage bottles to alter.

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