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Sunday, October 20, 2013

I will Never Understand Waste

Last night Scott and I walked from our house around to the new neighborhood going in behind our neighborhood and we are always appauld by the waste we see in such a developement.
First they leave hardly a tree standing...

And then they build 5 houses in the same space 2 would have been built years ago ( like in our neighborhood)...
And then there is the horrendous waste...
ALL these brand new bricks were the remains of a delivery that they did not use and instead of moving them to the next home's site they threw them out. This was repeated on every building site we past. Drives us crazy... SUCH WASTE! While we have projects waiting because we don't have the money to complete them. With all their cast off's we could get our cabin started for next to nothing. CRINGE!
No wonder these Vultures were circling AND landing... yes we checked the dumpsters for a body as well.

On the walk back home I took this picture of this sweet vine... it's red trumpets were so lovely,,,
And this is one of the neighbor's cats... I couldn't resist. It sleeps in this birdbath ALL the time.


  1. it does not make sense how people waste,love love your blog and photos , and the kitty aaaw xxx

  2. Oh yes lots of waste there would be a lot of people wanting that brick for projects what a shame. love the opportunist kitty:) have a greayt day Becky. Hug B

  3. Oh, Matt and I were just talking about the same waste here in Montana! We wanted to cart things home, but of course, we'd probably be chased off...even though it was all in the trash anyways! What a shame. A total shame.

    But, thanks for ending with that adorable cat! How funny!

  4. Those kitties are great! Love the one in the bird bath!


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