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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good Wednesday Morning!

It is another truck delivery morning. I'm sick of Christmas decorations all ready and Halloween hasn't even arrived yet. We are moving into Christmas earlier and earlier it seems. SO crazy! Yesterday I switched out I can't remember how many power panels from Fall to Christmas and came home covered in glitter. Maybe it was the glitter that lead me down the wrong path with the hair color. When I get paid I will get a nice safe brown and hope for the best. I should have just stayed gray,  Ah well live and learn!

I've got several projects in the works on my central craft table. One is the box I created for a swap I am in and I have begun covering it in paper. The top is a blue background with the light pink roses and the bottom will be covered with the plaid paper.
And the other items are ATC's that I started a month or so ago... got to get them finished this week so I can get them off my work table.
I have another envelope mini album to make and more projects just floating around in my brain.  Well I better get my "work costume" on and head out the door. I sure hope my co-workers aren't too brutal about the hair color.


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