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Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Seasonal Truck

Today is our first Seasonal truck delivery and we will get a second truck on Wednesday so thats two 3 AM starts. This means I am getting up at about 1 AM to get awake enough to be alert before hitting the road and to have enough time to eat some breakfast. Long days! But the paycheck will be better than it has been the last few pay periods which is REALLY good. Things seem to be falling apart right and left around here. The drain to the bath tub failed in the hall  bathroom and we are having to wait until payday to get the parts to fix it so it's been showers only around here and boy would I love a nice hot soaking bath to relieve these muscles aches and pains. WHEW! Only a couple more days.

I haven't been able to get much crafting done the last few days as I've either been working or sleeping. It sure was nice being able to go over to my Mother-in-laws for a mid-day dinner  yesterday and then come home and crash for a few hours. I was so exhausted mentally and physically. I had to condense a huge section of merchandise down to half the space in another area of the store and then set the area for a new Christmas plan-o-gram. I got everything done except for adding the new labels. I will finish that today. .. I think. They tell me one thing at the end of a day and by the next morning plans change.... thats Retail!

I don't have any recent pictures to share so I decided to go through the pictures on my phone disc and see what was taken on previous October 14ths....

October 14, 2011 = A Zesto's Banana Split
October 13,  2012 - Did not have a photo for the 14th - Tesla "Chillin'"


  1. Oh Becky you are right back to the Christmas season take it easy OK. I am sorry all I can think of is that banana split:) drool drool :) Hug B


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