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Saturday, October 05, 2013

So whats on the camera....

The Garlic King! Trying to get a good photo to use as a Profile Picture on a website.

The spider plants that I bought for about $5 and divided. It was quite pot  bound and happy to be divided. And I love that I got to use the gorgeous pots that I bought while working at Jo-Ann's y ears ago. The basket is FULL of garlic - I need to send out some "Vampire" packages I think. Shelf was a curbside rescue.


  1. Nice photos of hubby, a.k.a. 'garlic king'.

    You can get more spiders from the babies. Once they start sending out their little roots, set them in a pot still attached to mom and let them grow a bit, then cut them off.

    Isn't it great finding and using 'free' stuff?

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Great pictures of your Garlic King. I really like your spider plants. I've grown those before but I think we called them ribbon grass. I must look out for some to hang in pots, they look good.

  3. I love garlic! Spider plants and pots look great!

  4. I've found so many useful things by the curb. Its ridiculous. And awesome. Lovely plants. Lovely basket-o-garlic!


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