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Saturday, July 20, 2013

WOW! Saturday all ready....

At the rate this year is flying by it will be Christmas before we know it. Thankfully we aren't rushing Christmas on at work but some of our competition all ready has their Christmas stuff out... CRAZY! We are just now getting Halloween and thats an early enough start if you ask me.

Today I will be meeting with the Card and Crafting group and am so looking forward to it. I have 6 cards made to swap and may make 6 more this morning after breakfast. I had suggested a sketch I found on the Internet but didn't think anyone was following it so made my 6 up just out of my head. Turns out the other swappers WERE following the sketch so that is why I am planning to make 6 more this morning.

We've had a little break from the rain but a full week of sunshine is really what our friends need to get their hay cut and baled and in their hay barns. So that's what I'm putting some positive thoughts toward... no rain for a full week! It would also give us a week off from HAVING to try to get our lawn mowed so the Noisy Neighbor doesn't turn us in for our grass being too long.

Our garden hasn't been doing very well... too much rain. I will go out this morning and see what I can find but everything is rotting on the vines before it's even close to being ripe. And we were thinking we were going to have a  GREAT garden this year. The only bright note is the volunteer watermelon has been flourishing and we have a couple really beautiful melons on that vine.

Next weekend Scott and I are going to the mountains for a couple days and I am hoping the weather is awesome so we can enjoy the event we are planning to attend as well as doing a little exploring. Greg will have to watch the house and feed the animals. The cats will be insistent but I will have to remind him to feed the dogs as he is NOT a dog person at all. As much as we love our animals we are ready for a pet break and when these pass on we will not be replacing them for awhile. It would be nice to travel and not worry about our pets for a change. I want to get a Passport so we can travel some overseas one day.  I dream of seeing so many places... Scotland, Ireland, England, South Africa, Brazil, Alaska, Canada to name just a few. I would also love to go to the Bahamas, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico again - I went to those places at 19 and LOVED them. Just dreaming here.

Where Scott works is relocating to a new building but they can't give him an actual date  as to when his area will be moving and the new location has a bunch of boxes and crap piled in the Electronics Lab so who knows when that will be. I so wish he could find a job with a Company that appreciated their Employees more and had their act together better. Scott calls it "Crazy Town"... gun sales in the parking lot; brawls in the parking lot; not using the proper safety precautions... CRAZY TOWN! As soon as our mortgages are paid off he is going to try something new... he may even try Retail Management. After all he has a BA in Business Management.

I am going to try to catch up with everyone else now on their blogs... I've been a horrible follower lately.

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  1. Nice summery cards Bec. I know you'll get around to other blogs when you can. I have the same trouble and just pop in to a few each couple of days. They all know I'm still around and keeping up with all the goings on. No guns in this country ... lucky us.How do you sleep at night? Hugs Sue


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