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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blue Ridge Mountains Part 1

Friday after Scott got home from work he and I jumped in our car and headed for the Blue Ridge Mountains. I just love when you are driving along and the mountains appear on the horizon. It's like they are saying "Welcome". It is a view that always makes my heart sing. We arrived just before sunset which was really good as the roads are labeled so weird and the lane shifts are a bit odd up here.

View from our room at the Super 8

Our Room - not the most glamorous but adequate.
We drove into downtown Waynesville that night and they were having a street dance and we were tired so we decided to avoid the crowd and noise and opted for a nice quiet meal at Angelos. The food was delicious!

Our first mountain sunset.
GOOD NIGHT on Day 1.. I'll write a part and three once we get back home.


  1. amazing thank you for sharing Amelia xxxx

  2. What beautiful country, Becky! Looking forward to reading more about this adventure :-)

  3. Glorious mountains. Mountains always make me feel like being welcomed home.


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