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Monday, July 29, 2013

Blue Ridge Mountains trip - part 2

Saturday started with clouds and rain - could barely see the mountains.

But it started to clear off as we prepared to leave for the HAMfest.

One of the Housekeepers children playing with the stray cat that lived by the dumpster.

At one point in driving around we had to turn around and ended up next to some "Test Gardens' - no body was there to ask about it so we just took photos.

Scott and "The Boys' - Metal sculptures in Waynesville, NC.

Me with "The Boys"

A most impressive carved doorway.

Copper Fox

We ate Beef Brisket here for lunch with jalapeƱo and cheesy grits, slaw and cornbread.
Candy Bins inside Mast General Store - sold by the pound and you can mix and match.

The Doggy Bakery!

Main Street Waynesville, North Carolina


Got some wonderful ideas!

This shop had lots of funny mats!

Saturday nights dinner was at Sagebrush - I had Shrimp Quesadieas and Scott had  Fish.

I just couldn't get enough of the mountains.

Our Final sunset from our room Saturday night.


  1. Be careful ... this trip looks like you could easily add a few pounds to the waistline. Hehe! That would be my problem anyway!! Looks like fun though. Sue

    1. We actually did pretty good since w3e are both borderline diabetic. But YES! we could have gone quite crazy at several stops during our trip.

  2. Wonderful wonderful trip I would love to visit this place. Love the musicians. Hug B

  3. I would love to have a tree door like that! Its amazing! So are those mountains!! And candy stores like that are a big hit with me...and dangerous territory! :)


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