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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Yes! I am working on some Christmas projects this week; which means my dining room table is M.I.A! LOL I've made another explosion box and you can see it "in process" at the right front of this picture.
Explosion box as it looks when opened. The gold flowers on the table were made and painted by ME and will be placed on top of the box.

 I am making this one for an on-line crafter to hold an ornament that I made for her as well. Here is the ornament...
And with this Christmas crafting I got to thinking about something and thought I would ask you all if any of you would like to do a swap for a handmade ornament? It wouldn't have to be anything too fancy and could be made in any medium that you like to work in. This is just a thought...  let me know?

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  1. Your dining table looks like Santa's workshop must look, lol! The ornament that you made is gorgeous xx


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