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Friday, July 05, 2013

Diet Changes

Just wanted to pop in real quick before I have to leave for work this morning. A little over a month ago Scott and I decided to take our health back and have been changing our diet and monitoring our sugar levels twice a day. With these changes we are both seeing weight loss as an added bonus. Yesterday a co-worker noticed and said 'Boy Becky you are getting skinny"... ME SKINNY! I haven't heard those words in years! I still have about 40 pounds to be at a decent healthy weight but I'm below 200 pounds for the first time in years and I am thrilled beyond measure.

Something I really need to focus on is increasing my water intake for better hydration. I get so dehydrated at work that my mouth becomes severly dry so I need to start carrying some water with me at all times. I have a metal water bottle but I don't like the taste of the water from it so I need to try to find an Earth friendly alternative thats easy to use and carry around with me at work.

Another thing I would like to improve on is some muscle toning exercise to make sure I  don't end up with a lot of flabby loose skin. My goal is to loose 50 total pounds before my 50th birthday in March.

The other night we went to Hardee's for a meal. We both got the Bourbon burger and medium fries... HUGE Mistake!!!! My sugar shot up to 255!  WOW! Luckily my sugar returned to the 120's by the following morning but never again will I make the mistake of ordering without knowing the Nutritional info. I'm going to go to each local fast food restaurants web site and print off their Nutritional Information and keep it in a notebook in my car for us to refer to before ordering from now on! I will go through each one and highly "SAFE" meals.

Well time to get dressed and out the door!


  1. Oh Becky you should be proud of yourself this is a great accomplishment and goal. To take care of one's health and body is worth the effort. Good luck and way to go . Hug B

  2. Congrats. Feeling better is a great goal and I am pleased to hear you are already reaping the rewards for your efforts. Good for you both!


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