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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rain and more rain...

It is quite depressing the amount of rain we have been getting.  I need sunshine! I'm truly hoping that it clears off and is sunny for our little trip later this month.  We've barely been able to get the lawn mowed between storms and I am sure that I will never conquer that wisteria vine on the fence...  oh my it is out of control back there and the trees that the power company came through and cut back are nearly back up to the cable line between the fences.  What a nightmare!  The cooler weather is nice though so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Sunday I did a deep clean on our bedroom; I pulled all the furniture out from the walls and wiped everything down with some Murphy's Oil soap and went over the entire floor with it as well. It is so nice to have a super clean bedroom once more.  I didn't go through the closet so that will be a project for another day.  That is something I have to wait until Scott is available to go through his side of the closet as we both need to go through our clothes and get rid of things that no longer fit or we don't care for anymore.

I've been crafting more this week since we are pretty much stuck indoors because of the rain. I've made these flowers out of fabric and lace and buttons. They turned out so lovely and will make GREAT decorations for cards and altered items. I'm being encouraged by family and friends to open a shop on Etsy or Zibbet to sell my handmade items. 

I've begun putting the Summer cards together for the swap that I am in with a local crafting group that I joined last month.  We are meeting Saturday at a local library and will exchange cards then.  I messed the first one up (the one laying down in the photo). The rest will look like the one standing up in the frame.  I hope the gals in the swap will enjoy them.  Sorry about the glare but it is 4 AM and I had to use the flash to get this photo.

Work is work...  it has not been very enjoyable as of late but it is a job and we need the money.  The atmosphere is not the same since changes were made and the level of camaraderie isn't there anymore... kinda feels like a grind... but it is work.  Speaking of which it's time for me to get ready. I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.


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