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Monday, February 22, 2010

Wonderfully Rainy Morning

We were awoke by the sounds of a tremendous down pour. The garden and all the yard will thoroughly enjoy this rain and it won't be long until we are seeing Spring all around us. Perhaps today I will bring that shelf in from the shed and plant the peppers and tomatoes that I was going to start last week but put it off because of the snow that we got. We are really enjoying planning this years garden. Right now we have Lettuce, mustard greens, onions and collards growing well out there.

I'm going to harvest some of the outer leaves from the collards when there is a break in this rain so we can have some for dinner tonight. I filled one of our new beds with compost from our compost bins. It will be ready for some plants or seeds next month.

In this picture you can see the section where we will be adding one more long raised bad; it's where the Rosemary is growing right now. I've got to decided where I want to put a perennial edible garden to move the Rosemary and have ready for the horseradish, rhubarb and asparagus that will be arriving at the beginning of next month. I should make a list and make up a schedule of tasks to get done around here. There are a lot of plants that I would like to get cuttings started from as well. Always so much to get done.

Scott painted on the legs for his saw this weekend and got to use a new paint gun. Once he figured it all out it worked great.

Doesn't he look happy - he has ALWAYS loved paint.

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