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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't waste food....

As many of us are struggling on how to stay above water these days through job and insurance loss the last thing we should be doing is wasting food. Think about food preparation time too as a waste if you don't utilize leftovers. When I prepare a meal I think about how many servings it makes as then I can count on the leftovers being the following days lunches.... two meals in one. Actually saving time the following day as all we will have to do is reheat the food. One day a week I do a "MUST GO" night where everything in the fridge has to be utilized or sent to the compost pile (very little should make it to the compost). The leftovers could be used to make soup or a casserole dish or simply warmed up and eaten. On "must go" night it doesn't matter if the meal "matches" just that we are eating the food and not wasting it.

My Grandmother had this book in her collection and as a young wife I found a copy of my own in a thrift shop. It has some delicious recipes in it and I am going to try more of it's recipes now that we are stretching funds to the limit. This cookbook is all about using leftovers and what you have on hand in your kitchens. Here are the particulars - Put out by Doubleday, Copyright 1955 by Beverly Pepper.

Just found out from my Sister-in-law, Nichole that this book is available at for as little as 50 cents.

We need to step back and get back to cooking from scratch - starting with basic ingredients and away from the use of pre-packaged overly processed, chemical laden foods that in my mind are killing us off younger and younger. Go to Antique Malls or Thrift stores and look for GOOD OLD cookbooks that call for basic ingredients... learn to cook; find someone in your family thats a good "old time" cook and ask for lessons. Or an older neighbor - it's time to get back to learning from our Elders. They have so much to offer us - learn from them. They want to be heard.

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