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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little update

I've been sewing this week so I've been away from my blog but I figured I better post a bit this morning. The outer gown still needs the hem and the gimp trim added down the front but then this Bloody Mary gown will be complete.

Day before yesterday we drove up to our 10 acres to see if there was any damage from the snow. We found several large pine limbs down that we will need to saw into small pieces so that we can move them to the wooded area. We saw where the deer are using our newly cut drive to the back field as their very own roadway. I wish we had a cabin up there so that we could sit and watch them some. I will need quite a fence to keep them out of any garden(s) that I have up there that is for sure. All in good time.

The squirrels and birds are quite active in the yard so perhaps Spring is just around the corner. Once I get this gown complete I will be starting tomato, pepper and squash seeds to get a jump start on our garden. I will have to clean off the shelving unit that I use for this and bring it indoors and get the lights attached to it some how - perhaps Scott will give me a hand with that.I just love Spring with all the "newness" and "hope" it brings to the heart and soul.

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