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Monday, September 25, 2006

Sept. 23rd EXCITEMENT!

I got a call from the store on my last day of vacation telling me I HAD to get up there as there was a FIRE! Turned out a fan motor in one of the A/C units burned up and filled the store with smoke. One of my employees had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance as she has asthma and got a bad case of smoke inhalation. She is OK but had to stay in the hospital til 2 AM and got several breathing treatments. I'm so happy that she is doing all right. We closed the store down but stayed til aout 8:30 PM (this all happened about 4) with doors open and fans running. Yesterday we went in and did some cleaning up and clearing sapce in the stockroom so that we won't get in trouble with the Fire Marshal for boxes stacked too close to the power panel and such. I mopped and mopped to get up this fine sout that was on the floor. I wore a blister in my right hand from using the big mop but it did help to clear out some of that smell. We couldn't smell anything on the fabric so we opened for business as usual on Sunday afternoon. I'll be going in for 4 or 5 hours today to make up for the time I missed yesterday. I've got to wait on the washing machine though as I need underclothes to wear to work. LOTS of laundry still needs to be caught up.

I seem to have a stomach bug of sorts as I keep having to run to the restroom. Hopefully it is something that will pass quickly. Thats the bad thing about the season changes; all the illnesses that pop up out of the blue.

I guess I'll go do some other cleaning while the washer is working on the clothes.

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