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Friday, May 26, 2017

WOW... May is nearly over

Here it is the 26th of May already... POOF and it will be gone. I guess I need to catch up on here again. So much for daily blogging like I used to... really need to get back on the stick.

Ok where to start? I find if I check my camera I will find the prompts I need to write about every time. So lets go...

May 7th we were wrapping things up and I took a few photos to remember the work we had gotten done and to share that Greg has taken an interest in gardening and has planted nearly the entire garden in vegetables. So far he has peanuts and watermelon growing out there. I really miss the garden so very much. Now that I am home full time once again I could be out there every morning. AH well life has taken us on another path for now. Hopefully one day we will have a new home and a new garden to work.

 Of course Bernadette was happy we had come down. Amelia and Bernadette always love a freshly mowed lawn.
Totally Random here... I found a punk wig for Greg's mannequin at a thrift store so she is no longer bald... for less than $2 .
On May 10th Scott and I took a walk along a portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Travelers Rest. It is a GORGEOUS walkway and could easily be our replacement for our beloved Cayce Riverwalk up here. I am really hoping we can find a new home in Travelers Rest as it is so beautiful up there and that is where Scott father grew up. It holds a lot of special memories for Scott. The Real Estate is quite expensive up there though so we will see if we can fins something that we can afford that fits our needs/wants.

 A ghost bike to remind people to watch for Cyclist.

 Scott noticed this carving in the rock from 1935. Most of it was unreadable from weather ware.

 Flowers from the wildflower garden along the walkway, Dianthus and daisy's both begin with "D".

May 11th - was our 32nd Wedding Anniversary and Scott surprised me with a dozen red roses.

Tippy just "chillin~" with Mom... he is quite the spoiled little wretch.

I guess I will close this post here as it is already quite photo heavy and I know that some folks have a hard time with lots of photos loading. I will write another post to finish out May next week. I hope everyone is having a lovely Spring on this side of the World and settling into Fall on the other. 
Take care and love each other always.


  1. The pictures you shared are so beautiful, it looks like peace to me.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lottie! ANd thank you so much


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