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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Sunday Adventure

 On Saturday I made some granola that contained no sweeteners... it was delicious on Sunday morning atop our bowls of strawberries and apples. I plan to make some more soon.

 After breakfast Scott and I decided to walk part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Travelers Rest, SC and then we drove around a  little bit in the beautiful countryside. We saw some interesting fungi, flowers and a turtle. It was a nice 2 mile walk for us and we plant to check out more of it again soon.

 And Sunday afternoon I made some flowers out of some of the baby wipes I used for clean up on previous projects. I really like how funky they turned out.


  1. What a pretty walk! The funky flowers are cute. :)

  2. Excellent re-purposing of the baby wipes! I'd have never guessed. Glad you got out and enjoyed your piece of this beautiful world we share. Have a great day.


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