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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nearing the End of April

Can you believe it is nearly the end of April all ready? Talk about a year flying by!!!

I'm getting back into quilting a bit and have been sewing blocks to exchange with ladies around the World that I "met" online. This months block is called Golden Gate and it was a super easy and fast block to put together.  I made 8 blocks in a single day and just love how they turned out. Not nearly as fiddly as last months block and I was thrilled about that!
 You can see where I had to use some different reds as I am trying to use only from my fabric stash and ran out of the small white dot on red and then I ran out of the small hearts on red and had to use a bandana red fabric for the last two blocks but I figured the ladies wouldn't mind since the blocks are going around to different ladies in different States and Countries. I only needed to mail out 6 so the two "extras" will be for me to use. I have really enjoyed the red, white and grey blocks and if we don't exchange more I will make some more myself as I would love to make a Queen sized quilt for Scott and I in this color scheme.

The Cottage Kitties have been cracking us up with their antics. They have become nearly obsessed with my windshield and I caught them on video this morning...

They really crack us up!


  1. Be interesting to see the quilt you make from all the pieces you receive!
    Love the kitties! (Lost my 12 year old cat in January.)

    1. I'm so sorry for your loss Rita. Our feline friends are so precious.


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