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Friday, April 21, 2017

Life's Roadway

We are facing some changes and are unsure of where this new "Y" in the road will take us but I will write more about that when I know more as right now it's just a bunch of "IF'S". On this section of our life's journey I am sitting fully in the passenger seat awaiting to see where the Pilot will land us.

We are currently in Cayce for a few days at the house and I brought the laundry down here as I can use the dryer and get it done faster. I am nearly finished with our stuff and will probably wash Greg's pile once I am finished with ours. I need to look around and see if I have left any shoes here that I can do some yard work in as I wore sandals down here yesterday and that just will not do to pull trash out of the yard.

While we are down here I would love to go for a walk at  the River as it has been ages since we have been there. I so miss our walks there and the feeling of rejuvenation  that it gives us. We are only staying until tomorrow as there are some things we have got to get down at the cottage... like clean  the yard up and mow the grass.
A bush in bloom at the Cottage

The flowers are about the size of a 50 cent piece.

My precious buddy - Tippy

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