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Friday, April 14, 2017


We've  been living between two homes for over a year now and I have reached a level of acceptance that it is going to be quite awhile longer. I am trying to focus on the daily happy things  that happen in our lives and pushing larger hopes and dreams to the way back of  my mind. I will just go with the flow as the level of anxiety was starting to creep into that dark zone that I never want to visit again. We will continue the work on our house and perhaps the housing market will recover better as right now we are in a buyers market to sell and a sellers market to buy and the housing prices are vastly different.

Things that make me happy...

An unexpected little rain shower that is helping the bulbs and seeds that I planted a few weeks ago grow. I am hoping to have a lovely little flower garden at the front of the cottage  that I can pick flowers for a bouquet on the table. In the picture to the left you can see the little ditch that I dug to keep my little flower garden from washing away.

My Crafting... I'm always happiest when I am creating.  I've really enjoyed this past weeks creative sessions and am looking forward to what the next couple weeks holds ... meeting some new card makers, sewing quilt blocks and perhaps some sewing of clothes for myself. Here are a few of the things I made this week...
 And of course these 3 Cottage Kitties always make my heart happy...


  1. Hang in there! Things will work out!

    Love & hugs and Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

  2. I envy you your kitties. Lost mine in January.
    Life doesn't go according to plan. Yes! Always a good idea to make the best of it and enjoy the things you love. :)


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