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Sunday, April 23, 2017

A New Week Begins

We came back up to Greenville to the cottage last evening as we had hoped to have today to get a few things done around here but it has rained ALL DAY! We did go get the mail from the PO Box and picked up a few groceries. But the rest of the day was spent just chilling out and napping. I am currently wide awake and Scott has gone off to bed... it's 10 33 PM. He goes back to work in the morning and my plan is to go visit my folks and perhaps visit a bit with Aunt Marty too. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow too.. yuck!

While we were down at the house in Cayce we managed to get a quick walk in by the River and it was so nice. Someone has gone in and done some carvings on the trees that came down in the flood of 2015. They are so cute and fun to look for as you are walking a long.
 Some of the trees down there are SO huge. I took this photo of Scott standing next to one the the large trees.

 A favorite view of the rail road bridges! And where our walk ended. They are still making a lot of repairs to teh walkway. SO much was lost in  that flood.


 A blue heron and the sun going down and the pathways becoming golden with the street lights coming on. It was simply wonderful to be there again.

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