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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


If I can get thru today I'll be off til SUNDAY! YEAH! I can hardly wait to be away from there. Things are quite stressful with the Christmas season upon us once more. I need to get some sewing projects done and some other crafts as well. I definitely want want to make up some scrapbooks for my siblings for Christmas. I started on them last year but lost my focus. Hopefully I will do better this year. I've signed up for a couple fun exchanges on IFQ as well. A Christmas Cracker and a Kit N' Kaboodle sewing kit. I have ideas in mind but need to get busy! Scott's ship reunion is this weekend so we will be in Charleston Friday to Sunday and we are looking forward to the time away. I need to get this house cleaned up this morning as well as the mountain of laundry out of the way. There is always way more to do than there are hours in the day.

Fall has arrived with a nice crisp morning this morning. I LOVE Fall - it's colors and scents and sounds of migrating birds. The opportunity to make homemade soups and breads is always welcome as well.

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