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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Lots of Projects

Frolic block for a quilt block swap
 The above block is quite complicated and time consuming. Each one takes me about 3 hours due to all the careful pressing that has to be done. I still have 4 more to sew before the weekend. The original due date was the 1rst of March but several of us needed more time so I changed the due date to my birthday (March 8th). I think the next block we do will need to be something just a little easier.

The next project I want to share is an explosion box using a new variation I found on You Tube as a tutorial. I really love how this one turned out and I do believe it will be what I make for siblings gifts next Christmas.

Tippy - "Little Man" just chillin. He sleeps like this quite often.

"Relative Strangers" in water color awaiting their facial features.
 While we were at our house in Cayce the weekend before Valentines Scott surprised me with a dozen beautiful red roses on one of his trips out for "supplies". I managed to get them back up here to the cottage and am letting them dry in the hopes I can use them in a project or two in the future.

 Here is a picture showing the kitchen with all the rounded gingerbread trim removed from around the cabinets and it just makes it look so much bigger and cleaner. I will be scrubbing the cupboards down and staining  the insides next week to give them an even cleaner appearance.
 Scott completed  the sheetrock work in the den and we have bought paint to get that room completed as well. There is still a bit of "mud" work to do but only about a days worth. These two rroms will be done soon. YEAH!
 A weekend breakfast; we only eat grits on weekends anymore and not every weekend. We enjoy them so much when we do eat them as a treat as the grits are one of those things that shoot our glucose levels to the moon.

My hobby room is nearly all packed up now. As you can see I had plenty of help getting it to this point too. Piper tries to climb in a tote to come home with me all the time. I do miss the little spoiled brat. The cats here would rather be outdoors hunting than with me. I do have worries that they will up and leave us this Summer.

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  1. Love your Blog Becky. Especially Love all your and Scott's adventures with work and and traveling about and home life and the Beautiful Photos that you take of all your activities. Keep up the Great videos and Blog.


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