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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Good Grief!

So much for getting back to daily blog posts... sorry I have been so awful about getting something up on here. I guess I should just go back and finish off January and then handle February in a couple other posts. Hmmmm.. ok so at the end of January I cringed as the new President took office and have been starting everyday since with a full body cringe. I am going to leave it at that on here.

We made the decision to remove the gingerbread scallops from around the top of the cabinets. It has really made the kitchen look even bigger than it is... you will see more in a future post.


 I took Bernadette to the groomer as her coat was so thick and matted and since it was still quite chilly we bought her a sweater which she did not keep on for long. I'm sure she has felt so much better.

One Sunday when we got back up here we found this fella stuck on the porch. We had no idea how long it had been up there but it looked stuck and tired. I propped the longest narrow board I could find up near it and came back inside. After a little while we heard the board bouncing about and when I went to check the raccoon was gone. He must have been glad for the helping hand or board.

Tippy - aka "Little Man"

The cats have so enjoyed the little space heater on chilly mornings and evenings. They take turns basking in it's warmth.

Howard - "Howie"
Tippy and Howie

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