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Thursday, March 02, 2017

February's Beginning

 I joined an ugly fabric swap in February. We each had a partner that we would send an ugly fabric fat quarter to and they in turn would turn it into something lovely and send it back to you. My partner sent me the fabric that is on the inside of this basket. I had fun creating the fabric basket for her and she is using it now to hold their mail.

The cats are endless entertainment here at the little cottage. I just love their interpretation of Ying Yang PLUS 1... not sure what the addition was that they added but it made my heart happy.

Cat Happiness = TOGETHERNESS
 Scott and I decided to check out the Doodle Trail that runs between Easley and Pickens, South Carolina. We only walked a short distance on the Easley end. I think it would be a  lot more fun on bicycles.

I have wanted to stop and get some pictures of this old cement factory so was thrilled to discover it was on the walkway. I just found it interesting and contained so many Artistic possibilities.


Tippy giving Howie a gentle hug.

My second "Pussy Cat" Hat. I made one for my Sister-in-law, Adele

Mermaid tails on ATC's - Artist Trading cards. One I kept and the other was swapped with a lady in France.
This is the one I received from Sylvia in France.
 I made a few flowers and butterflies to set aside for future projects. I love how these little blue flowers turned out.

An "Angry Bird" that someone stamped out and mailed to me that I colored.

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