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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Saturday Exploration

In Pickens, South Carolina
This past Saturday Scott and I took a break from home repairs and explored a bit more of the area. We stopped at The Stockade Antiques as I have been wanting to stop there ever since I first drove past it. It was a little creepy but the antiques were so lovely that we didn't mind "being in lock-up".

This piece had such beautiful inlay work and I believe it had bronze metal work as well... if not bronze than brass. It's one of those pieces that I fell in love with but would never buy it to have in my own home as I go for durability and usefulness above beauty. And it was absolutely stunning and I hope someone will take it to their home and appreciate it.

They had several round tables and if the new home will allow it space wise I want one in the kitchen. I would probably get one in oak... a sturdier wood than this one though. I just love a round table as I think it is easier to have a conversation with everyone you have at the table and not just the two people to the right and the left of yourself.

Scott LOVED the old butcher block in this photo (toward the back and left). It was well worn from YEARS of use.
I adore beds like this but again I would not have one as it doesn't look very sturdy.
We also stopped at a couple thrift stores; one of which was the Goodwill not far from the house and I found a couple things to bring home... of course.
The box at the front was something to hold knives I do believe and was $2.49. I have since ripped the inside bits out and will be doing something artistic with this to use on a coffee table to store little bits. The tree pillow was a previous find that I bought at the ReStore a couple months back. I just loved  the colors in it. The blingy pillow was one of Saturdays purchases... $2 at Goodwill. I thought it would go well with the tree pillow and I love them sitting together (close-up below). I also got a skein of crochet cotton for 99 cents and the cross-stitch kit was $2.99. We never spend a whole lot on these adventures as it's all about just seeing whats there that counts. We always have so much fun together thrifting. 

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  1. Very kool idea to use an old jail that way!!


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