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Sunday, January 15, 2017

January For Us

Well here it is the middle of January 2017... 2017! Wow when I was 18 it seemed that 2000 was forever in the future and I remember standing in the barn on the farm where I grew up in upstate New York and thinking... "I will be SO OLD in the year 2000... I will be 38". Oh to be 38 again! Time really does get away from us doesn't it? I am now 52 and before too much longer I will be 53. I find myself seeking ways to explore life more; trying to take more of every day in and being thankful for every second. I'm trying to be more outgoing but it is not as easy for me as it is others as I don't trust as easily as they do. But I am trying.
 I bought a new paper trimmer with the money my Mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. I have not opened it yet but plan to today as I want to make some Valentines to mail out this next week.
Scott bought me this wonderful cart for Christmas and I love it! I have been wanting one for some time for a paint station that can easily be moved around. It holds so much and is really helping me stay organized with my paints. Just LOVE Harbor Freight!

Here is the cart all loaded up!

This is one of our favorite places to eat that is not far from where we are staying in the cottage in Greenville, SC.

Message from the fridge!
We all take turns leaving a message on this dry erase board in our kitchen in Cayce.
 Out with the old and in with the new! We decided to update the stove and the dishwasher in the house in Cayce. I learned an important lesson ... NEVER PAY FOR THE INSTALLATION. Scott had to do it right when he got down there as the person that delivered it was a plug and slide in only on the stove. THANKFULLY I did not pay for the installation on the dishwasher. There is so much more to putting appliances in than hooking them up to power and sliding them in. It took us two full days but we got them in place and level.

 The week after next I will be at the house while Greg is off visiting friends in Maryland and my plan is to paint the ceiling in the kitchen, scrub down the cabinets with Murphy's Oil Soap and really scrub the floor and apply a couple coats of floor wax to it. I will also go through the cabinets boxing more stuff up and emptying the upper cabinets on  the left side of the kitchen so when Scott comes down the following weekend he can tighten them back up to the ceiling. We have decided to leave the kitchen as it is and not worry about ripping the old cabinets out... we will leave that for the new owners to do. We will rework the cabinet where the wall oven used to be and put down new flooring in the den. We are trying to cut back the projects and just get it to a point where someone walking in could say... I could live here.
 Now KITTIES!!! I only have photos of our 2 new "boys" to share in this post. I will share some of Callie in a future post.
Tippy - AKA "Little Man"

And Howie - AKA "BIG BOY"

Tippy is a snuggle buddy when  the other two go off hunting.

 And yes it snowed last weekend but it only lasted about 3 days and then was gone... my favorite kind of snow.

SHHHH... don't tell but my quilting stash has followed me to the cottage and is hiding under the bed.
Flower and a quote bookmark I created.
Trying pork n' beans with breakfast - twas tasty.

The moon was amazing this past week - I took this Friday morning.


  1. I love your paint cart and am going to shre this post with a friend who may need the same.
    53 has been the stsrt of a deliberate second childhood for me. Its2 what we make it!!

  2. Harbor Freight is the best place to get utility carts. I told Scott that once we are settled and I have a new craft/hobby space I would love one of the large carts that I could stand and work at that has the many drawers. In time... in time. Are you moving your blog entirely over to Patreon?

  3. Wonderful photos, Becky!! That moon! Those cats!! The kitchen is looking very nice. And good work on trying and pushing outside of your comfort zone. That is hard to do, but usually very worthwhile.


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