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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Second Week of December

This second week of December has been mostly rain but we needed it so I am thankful it rained for several days. BUT I am also thankful that it has now cleared away and  the sun has returned and we have mostly blue skies. It is however quite chilly and  the furnace is running and running. We will need to order some fuel oil SOON. I am hoping Scott will check it this weekend to see how much we have left.

Yesterday I took Howie in to be neutered... he was not happy with me at all. Next week (the 15th and 16th) the girls will be going in for their shots and to be spayed. I will be so glad to have all this behind us so we don't have more kittens. Their Mother dropped them and left and we have only seen her once since then so we aren't sure what has happened to her. Hopefully she won't bring another litter here. I really wanted to get her spayed too but she was uncatchable.
Howie after returning home and getting a bit to eat.
After Howie got something to eat and drink he insisted on being outdoors on the porch; he took a nice nap out there in one of the chairs. I bought them a litter box and some cheap clay litter so they wouldn't have to go in the wet dirt and leaf debris. When it got dark and the temp started dropping off I brought him in and held him for awhile and he enjoyed the extra attention and started to get back to his old self. Tippy even came in for awhile to enjoy the heat and to help keep an eye on Howie. She is definitely his little shadow. They even started playing a little together in the living room before they wanted out for the night. The three of them all slept together in a "cat pile" in one of the lounge chairs on the porch. Howie wanted no part of being stuck inside last night. Catching  the girls and getting them into a carrier is going to be a real trick to be sure. Hopefully they won't hate me forever.
Howie and Tippy playing

My Handsome Boy "Howie"

Prince Tippy


  1. I'm so glad you are getting them all fixed. Hopefully they will all forgive you. ;)

    1. I think they will... after all I am then keeper of the can opener.


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