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Friday, December 02, 2016

December Begins

THANKFULLY a few days back it started to rain.... RAIN GLORIOUS RAIN! It rained for several days and it cleaned the air of all the smoke from the forest fires in North and South Carolina. Which was wonderful but then we hear that there are more fires in Tennessee. Then tornadoes again here that killed 5 people. Between Arson and Mother Nature we have taken quite a beating here in the South. And then this morning it is 37*F... brrrrr. CHILLY! But we are alive and healthy for the most part and I am Thankful for that.

Yesterday I vacuumed the cottage to get all the fake snow up. It had gotten EVERYWHERE. One of the bulbs had flipped out of my hands with a full funnel of fake snow and it went all over the floor and then the residue from cleaning that up got walked all over the place. I tried sweeping it up but it just wouldn't work thus the vacuum had to be pulled out. And I also did 3 loads of laundry as I had been putting that off since I was crafting. I still have two more loads to do but not enough hanging space to hang it to dry. Hopefully we will get the little section on the porch fixed up and ready for the dryer before Spring. But if we don't I will manage.

Yesterday and the day before I worked on packaging goodies for the Santa Sacks I am creating for the 5 youngest above baby age nieces and nephews. I have bought Art supplies for them all to use at my Mom's house since most of them are there most of the time. I will be making the Santa Sacks out of red felt today. I am trying hard to use supplies I all ready have to decrease what I will have to move again once we get the house in Cayce sold and a new home bought up here.

It is supposed to rain off and on all weekend but we are still planning to go down and work on the house some and do some indoor projects... like finishing out the laundry room. I will touch up  the paint in the bathroom I painted a few weeks back as I still have not done that.  Perhaps we will get some things shifted around as well. Who knows... I guess whatever strikes our fancy.

Time to get this day started! Have a wonderful Friday!

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