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Saturday, December 17, 2016

One week til Christmas

 I still have a few projects to make as well as a BUNCH of Christmas cards to make and send out. They will get to their destinations eventually... may be a day or two late but I am going to try to get a bunch mailed. They will be quick and easy cards that are nice and flat for mailing.

This week I had my hands full with kitty issues. I took Callie on Thursday to be spayed and to get her shots and she had to be kept indoors a couple nights and a day to keep her safe. Callie was NOT a happy camper about it at all but she survived and actually enjoyed a bit of extra loving from me and she even let Scott pet her. Then on Friday I took Tippy - who we found is definitely a boy in to be neutered and his shots. So last night I kept all 3 cats indoors as Howie was having none of it that the other two were getting all the attention. Howie ended up sleeping right up against me all night to keep  the other two away but they still laid against my legs a good part of the night. I was part of a real cat pile.
On Friday Callie discovered she could hide out under  the kitchen sink here at the Cottage. And she happily hung out under there while her BIG brother was a complete suck up.

Howie was most definitely a green eyed monster the past couple of days. He did not like it that HIS Mom was giving those  other two extra loving ... not one bit.
I can't imagine why he is so spoiled.

I have some special projects in the works that have come to a complete stand still because one of  the ink cartridges we bought failed. I just need to be able to print some photos off and add them to the tags I am making that will be ornaments for the kids to have when they are grown. Scott called the company he ordered the ink from and they mailed a replacement cartridge out it should be here by Monday or Tuesday. I will post a picture of the tag/ornaments once they are completed.

Yesterday we got 150 gallons of fuel oil delivered since some real cold weather is hitting us at the moment and we only had about 7 inches left in the tank. The 150 gallons cost us $352.53 and I am hoping it will at least get us to March before we have to buy anymore. We got the last of the storm windows replaced last weekend and have put plastic over the windows that hold the air conditioners. Scott is going to get the chimney blocked off this weekend so we will quit loosing heat up that. We are getting this little house more cozy all the time.
Our little Christmas display - no big tree this year.

Four of the Six santa sacks that I made for the younger kids. I only needed 5 but figured having the 6th on hand would be good in case I needed to wrap something oddly shaped. The tag/ornaments will be attached to each sack and  they will know which one is theirs by their picture.
I also whipped up a couple stockings for Scott and I. I have already started to fill his; he probably won't remember to fill mine but that is ok because they are more for decoration than to be something mandatory to fill.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season with their friends and families no matter what beliefs they hold. 
Scott and Becky

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  1. So glad all the cats are fixed and got their shots and everything. They are such pretty cats...and Howie knows a good thing when he's got it--LOL!
    Too bad about the ink cartridge. Glad you have a new one coming, though. Merry Christmas! :)


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