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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Catching Up for November

 Our oldest dog, Amelia has gotten to where she can't get up into the shed anymore so we decided that it was time to build her a Grand new dog house all her own. I looked up "how to build a doghouse?" on Pinterest and I found this house. It took us two weekends at the house in Cayce to get it completely built. Now it just needs to be painted. We also bought her a nice big pillow bed to lay on. At first she just kept trying to pull the bed out of the house but she has taken it on as her new house. She gets so happy when we work on it for her.

I made this card for a swap I signed up for in a group on Facebook. The group is called KoalaTCrafts and we do a lot of fun swaps and there is a weekly challenge that you can join in on for fun.
 Last Tuesday Scott went to the Doctor as he wasn't feeling well at all and it turned out he had a sinus infection and Vertigo. I had to drive him to the Doctor that day and to work and back the next day. But on Tuesday after he was through at the Doctor we drove up to Pumpkintown, SC and had lunch at  the Pumpkintown  Mountain Opry. We had two wonderful sandwiches and will definitely go back again in the future. The whole place was so neat with hand carving all over the inside and so many handmade jams, jellies, honey and canned vegetables. They also serve handcrafted ice creams that I would love to try one day.

Scott standing along side their GIANT pumpkin that sits out front. We think it was made with foam insulation; quite unique and interesting.

Macaroni and Cheese that I made as my contribution to the Thanksgiving Dinner at Scott's Moms' house. Everything on the table was DELICIOUS!
A recipe that I tried... a Chicken and Broccoli/Cauliflower Alfredo with no noodles or real alfredo sauce. It was all right but I'm not sure I will make it again.
One time when we were in Cayce we went to check on the lower end of the Riverwalk but it is still closed from the flooding we had last year. So much damage; the boardwalks were all washed away and I guess it's just going to cost way too much to repair. So sad. It's one thing we miss dearly.
Scott and his toys. He was looking for a specific tube which he found as he was sorting and organizing his "stash" of tubes.

One day Scott and I stopped and took pictures at this old mill site here in the Upstate of South Carolina. It is located just off Saluda Dam Road toward Easley, SC. It's really something to see and it's sad that the buildings are falling down.

 I have created some adorable snowmen out of some plastic ornaments that I bought at the Dollar Tree. I just love how they turned out and these will be some gifts.

This is the one that I am keeping for us. I have decided that I need to start keeping some of the things that I make.


  1. Good to read a post of yours. The dog house is adorable, as are your snowmen. They are very festive.

    Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

  2. Glad Amelia has gotten used to used to her new dog house.
    Nice post! :)

    1. Thanks Rita - we are too as we worried about her.


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