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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jury Duty

Monday morning I went out to Lexington for a General Sessions Jury Pool and was sat on the jury. We started hearing the case on Monday after we had lunch and were there until nearly 5. We were back in the Court room on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 to 6 PM. LONG days for me! Deliberation on Wednesday went for 5 1/2 hours... I was so happy when the 12 of us could finally come to an agreement and we could get out of there. I hate sitting around that much.

I had worked on Sunday just to get a few work hours in and then I got a few hours yesterday to make a little money. I know I'll be paid by the Court but don't have a clue as to how much that will be, so I wanted to be able to earn a little at my job if I could. We still have bills to be paid after all and who knows when I will get that check from the Court... it all moves REALLY slow.

My parents were down for a visit yesterday and I went with them over to the Goodwill Clearance store to dig through the bins for clothes for my nieces and nephews to wear around the barn. I found a few things for myself a nice top that is black with brown butterflies, a cookbook of healthy recipes for the 90's (for Greg), a couple metal tins and a plastic tote organizer... I spent $1.54 on ALL of it.  WOO HOO BIG SPENDER!

We don't really have anything planned for this weekend but we will be preparing for our yearly trip to Charlotte, NC and our nieces wedding so I will have more to write about soon enough. Take care.

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  1. I've never served jury duty. I've always thought it would be interesting, but also a hassle. I'm glad you stint for now is over. Enjoy your upcoming travel!


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