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Sunday, March 29, 2015

MY Beautiful Niece got married

Yesterday we attended our niece, Gwen's wedding to her lovely partner. It was a sunny day but OH SO CHILLY! Everything was so beautiful and the gals looked so happy.
The Robert Mills House 1616 Blanding Street, Columbia, SC

Greg and Scott - looks like Greg is on a "deep cover" assignment and Scott is his CIA handler... HA HA!

Gwen and her partner, Rebecca

Step-Dad , Dave , Gwen and her Father, Kerry

Rebecca and her Presentors



Kerry and Dave waiting to present Gwen

Bridesmaids - Niece Kayla on the right

Gwen's brother Drake

Paper flowers created on that Saturday flower making session

Cake and Petite Feurs

Gorgeous Fountain!

Gwen with her brother, Drake my sister Robin, current husband Dave and Gwen's father, Kerry

Kerry and Gwen - Father and Daughter

Greg - my handsome son

My brother Charles and his lovely wife, Alina

My sister, Robin and her lovely daughter, Gwen

Gwen and Becca cutting the cake

Dave and Robin

Dave and Gwen doing the "Safety Dance"

My Handsome man - Scott

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  1. What a fun occasion! I am so glad you were able to be there and share it with them. The brides look beautiful--and what a beautiful setting, too. (And your boys DO look up to something in that photo...don't they?)


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