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Friday, December 05, 2014

Day 4 and 5 of Christmas

I'm pulling things together to make a wreath for our front door and I got some gifts wrapped for our son. I'm making a list of things to complete projects and am planning my New Year's goals of using things up around here. Purchasing less "NEW" stuff and only buying things that COMPLETE projects.

Gifts are appearing under our tree.
I just need some picks of fruits and/or berries and to locate the wire to attach the evergreen bits to the wreath. OH and some wide ribbon for a bow.
Scott and I are also planning to work on purging a LOT of stuff we never use to decrease the amount of STUFF in our home and to make it easier to find things and to keep the house tidy. 2015 is going to be a Simplifying year for us... getting down to the things that are truly useful to us or hold special memories. A year of completing more projects and getting our house in order. After all this Holiday rush is over we will work at getting our new shed completed so that we can re-organize the garage/shop so that Scott can get more wood working projects completed and so that Greg can get more organized and more done on his old car so that it will be on the road once more. A year of completions is ahead. Time to get back to truly LIVING our lives around here.

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