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Monday, December 01, 2014

Day 1 of Christmas

OH I had such GRAND plans for today... laundry, deep clean the four rooms that need to be decorated for Christmas.... yeah... well that did not happen. I came home from work, ate some lunch and then went to bed until nearly 4 PM. I guess I was just flat out exhausted from the night shifts, flip back to mornings and catching the cold Greg brought home from a friend. So today was a deep rest day for me and I will get the decorating done throughout the week.

How we handle Christmas has changed so much this past few years. Giving fewer gifts to extended family and trying to spend more time with those that we cherish. I do want to send out Christmas cards this week and get the trees up and decorated. So perhaps  will have some pictures to share later in the week.

I'm still surprisingly tired so will say good night here. It is so much harder to bounce back form weird scheduling these days. Take care.


  1. Here's hoping another night will bring some energy back.

    1. I sure hope so as I would love to have all the pretty Christmas lights up to enjoy.

  2. Good idea focussing on the people who matter. You must be exhausted with your shifts so hopefully you can get some 'me time' soon to unwind. xx


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