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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tropical STorm #1

We have been experiencing this years first tropical storm this week. We desperately needed the rain but I hate the thunder that comes along with it sometimes. OH Well can't have everything. The plants are thoroughly enjoying the rain and the garden is looking better. Poor Amelia (dog) is miserable and she smells so bad I don't want to bring her inside right now. Perhaps over the weekend I'll give her a good bath and brushing. She hates baths so this will be interesting.

Today is Ashley's last official day with JoAnn's but she is going to help me Sunday night with MAP planograms in the craft department so that we can be done before our DTL's visit next week. Thats really nice of her to do that. Today we are celebrating her and kicking off the new sale with a "chocolate day", I'm also making chicken salad sandwiches. She will be deeply missed.

I took Greg's little cat, "little Nickie" to the vet for his first shots and they must have hit a nerve in his hip because yesterday he would hardly eat or stand. He is doing much better this morning. I kinda hate the thought of taking him back for his boosters; poor little guy.

I got into something up at the property as I'm itching like crazy. Scott thinks it was chiggers but I'm thinking poison ivy or spiders as I sawe a LOT of those while trimming on trees. It'll be interesting to go back up and see if the hydrangea is coming back around or not; it didn't look too hot when we were up there last weekend.You can see that from the picture I've posted this morning. It'll be a miracle if it makes it. That clay is going to take some work to get it fertile enough to grow vegetables.

Well on to the day!

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