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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Life changes... daily

It's a 100% certain that life is always changing. Ashley worked her last officail day yesterday and Lily was hired to take her place. I hope she is a fast learner and a deligent worker.

Our Sunday night overnighter has been cancelled due to the fact that it is Father's Day and no sitter was available for Ash's son. Oh well! I will get what I can done during the week next week. And hope I have a good bit accomplished before Tim's visit Wednesday! I'm thinking of going in on Monday and working 5 hours on just planograms so that I can get ahead a little more. Got to ask Angie about that today.

So much to do around here this morning before I go into work... Laundry and house work mostly. I need to make a run to the grocery store for cat liter and dog food.

I let "Little Nickie": out last night and within just a few minutes that nasty stray was on our front porch beating Nick up and when Scott and I went out to break it up Mr. Tesla lit into my left foot; I guess he wanted part of the fight. OUCH! We cleaned it up good and put triple antibiotic oinment and bandaides on it so hopefully it won't become infected. CATS!

It's looking like it may rain by afternoon. We have definitely entered that hot and sticky time of year... YUCK! Thats the worst part about SC Summers.... HOT, STICKY and hard to breath here in the city.

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