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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Something new everyday!

Well Ashley is leaving JoAnn's next week and she will be greatly missed. I'm working on a going away gift for her and hope to have it done today before I have to go into work. It's a quillow - a quilt that folds up into it's own attached pillowcase. It sounded like an easy projects but keeping it squared proved more difficult than I imagined. Oh well hopefully she will like it even with a few character flaws. Will post a picture when it's finished. I've also been working on some "healing dolls" for a swap I'm in on the IFQ website. They are really cute!

News on Scott - he has an umbilical hernia about the size of a nickel that will require outpatient surgery. Our Dr says it's not life threatening but Scott would have to take it easy so as not to aggravate it and make it hurt. Scott's ready to have it fixed and has an appointment with a specialist later this month to set the surgery up. He knows that taking it easy is not in his vocabulary!

Our washing machines' motor control board has died so we have the part ordered and the guy will be out sometime in the next 3 to 5 days to put it in.

Yesterday we had a new mattress set delivered and it's wonderful! Will take a little getting used to but Scott didn't have as much trouble as I did sleeping on it last night. I came out from the shower and asked how his reading was going and he was out!

At 10 this morning I have to call into a conference call; I'm hoping it won't last too long as I have a lot I want to do before I have to go into work. I'm hoping to learn alot over this call about the dashboard and PNL. I have so much to learn!

Our little garden is growing well thanks to Scott; he actually planted everything thats out there this year and has been weeding it in the evenings. I think gardening will be a tremendous hobby for him once we are out on our property. I think we will just give the TV to Greg and take more time to read and work together.

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