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Saturday, December 05, 2015


On Wednesday, December 2nd I turned in my 2 weeks notice. No more early mornings on the Interstate and working myself to aches and pains... well at least for someone else. We decided that I need to return home where I can get some work done around the house - yard clean up and painting around the place. We need to get this house ready to sell as it is looking like we will be making a final move for our life time to the Upstate of SC. We will be closer to the mountains and that makes me so happy and we will be moving to a smaller town.

Last night Scott and I went to Home Depot and got some paint for the exterior of the house and outbuildings. We bought 2 gallons of the sage green and one gallon of each of the other 3 colors. The sage will be the main color on the sheds and garage. The terracotta will be on the entry doors to house and garage. We have not decided 100% how the grey and cream will be used but we will share our progress as we go along.


  1. Oh Becky near the mountains in South Carolina sounds beautiful. I do hope you will not have to work so hard there. Thinking of you. Hug B

  2. I can imagine how relaxed you are going to feel not going to a job anymore. Working on your home to get it ready to sell, and then to move, will be a great undertaking. I hope all goes smoothly and that you find the right home/land for your final home.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  3. How wonderful! Good for you two--and good luck on getting the house all tip-top!


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