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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I hope everyone in the USA has a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday and survives the craziness of Black Friday! I am hoping this is the last year I will be working on Black Friday! Our New Year is promising to be full of happy changes and part of it  is me returning to the home front to cook, keep house and garden once more. YEAH!

It's been a month of many changes with both my Manager and the Assistant Manager leaving and this week is the start of working for a new Manager. I am so weary of the constant changes... the older I get the harder it is to cope with change. In the last 2 years I have had 4 different bosses. UGH! Just ready for a bit of stability in my day to day life. I know life is constantly changing but to have to learn someone else's pet peeves, pet projects, and personal ethics grows thin after awhile.

It's turned a bit chilly just in time for the Holiday season.  We are going over to Scott's Moms on Thanksgiving and we will take the ham that Scott gets from his job and I am planning to make broccoli casserole and a baked butternut squash. My Mother-in-law is doing a turkey, dressing and some pumpkin pies. It will be a small gathering but thats ok with us. I have to be to work at midnight that night so will need to come home and try and get some sleep right after dinner. I am also working Midnight to 6 AM on Friday to Saturday as well.  I'll be part of the fill team for all the specials. Going to be a hectic couple of nights thats for sure.

Well I need to get ready for work ... working an odd shift today not going in until 7 AM. That is LATE for me. Yesterday was a 3 AM. Take care!


  1. Your job hours sound crazy!!! This is working for Michael's right?

    I hope you will be able to stay home in the coming year, doing what you love, taking care of home, family and gardens.

    Happy Thanksgiving week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Your job sounds very hectic! Enjoy your holiday get-together!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Becky, and all the best with the work stuff!


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