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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Much Needed Rest

I was finally able to get some much needed rest yesterday and last night. I am ready to go back into work with a little more of my "normal" high energy. THANK GOODNESS! I hate getting tired, stressed and depressed... I HATE weepy days. Hopefully they are behind me at least for awhile.

I got up yesterday with the intention of doing the mountain of laundry and watching sappy movies on the TV. That did not work out as the washer is dead again and had a load of wet dark clothes inside it - YUCK! So I sorted everything into black trash bags and when Greg got up he and I went up the road to the little laundry mat and washed most everything - ran out of quarters before I ran out of dirty clothes. The repair man will be out sometime Tuesday. We will have to work him around Scott's re-check at Dr. Myatich for his hernia repair. I'm hoping that he has healed correctly and won't require anything more but we will wait and see. Scott feels that they missed a sceond hernia and that he will need another surgery to repair that - I'm hoping he is wrong.

Our garden is in a bad state at the moment and needs some SERIOUS weeding but it's SO HOT here and the humidity is awful. I keep hoping for some rain to clean and cool the air a bit.

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